Suzi O’Byrne

Coal Creek Utility District
Commissioner Position 2

(206) 650-8034

Thank you for your support in the general election.

I look forward to being your representative on the CCUD Board of Commissioners!

I’m strongly committed to water quality compliance, resource development and reliable services at the lowest possible cost for you! Comprehensive infrastructure maintenance and an attitude of positive public service are qualities expected from CCUD. I will be strongly committed to meeting and exceeding those expectations on behalf of district ratepayers.

A Puget Sound native and residing for 45+ years in Newcastle, I started volunteering as a Newcastle Parks Commissioner (2007-2011). I’ve been volunteering for the Cities of Newcastle and Bellevue for over 12 years. As a 911 Supervisor working with multiple public safety departments, my 30+ years experience reiterated the importance of a dependable water supply for all! I welcome the responsibility of keeping our rates low and infrastructure quality high while simultaneously meeting the environmental needs and the demands of population growth and development in our district.

Education: BA English – University of Washington
FEMA Emergency Management Training
Occupation: 911 Supervisor (ret) – managing staffing, hiring, training and payroll. Answering, processing incoming 911 calls for 7 Eastside Fire Agencies (from Snoqualmie Pass to Steven’s Pass and all the way over to Seattle) and police, fire and EMS dispatching.
1977 – 2007 Bellevue Police Department/Eastside Regional 911 Communications Center.
1995 – 2018 King County 911 Program Office Contractual Educator
2 domestic violence call receiving classes,
1 Hazardous Materials and Weapons of Mass Destruction class and a learning styles class for 911 call receivers in King County.
Volunteer Opportunities: (I am a huge believer that it’s important and so positive to “give back” to your community!!!)
2007-2011 Parks Commissioner for City of Newcastle
2007-Present Volunteer for Newcastle Days – Classic Car Show Committee
2008-Present Bellevue Police History Project
2008-Present Bellevue Botanical Garden – Garden ‘d Lights and Garden Show booth representative
2009-Present King County Master Gardener Program
Clinic: Renton McLendon’s
Bellevue Demonstration Garden – gardening, timekeeping, City of Bellevue reports and roster updates.
2012-2014 Executive Director – Bellevue Police Foundation.

My 30+ years with the Bellevue Police Department/Eastside Regional 911 Communications Center honed my ability to listen with discernment and accuracy and still be able to form my next question (if necessary) and to be able to think quickly about the “bigger picture” in any situation. (In the early days; we also took the “after hours” phone calls for the City of Bellevue’s Utility Department and made the calls necessary to handle the problems. It gave me an understanding early on of what is possible in that world.)

As a supervisor; my duties included recruitment, testing, interviewing, hiring and training new call receivers/dispatchers for a Communications Center that at the time serviced 7 Fire Departments on the Eastside and 2 Police Departments. This 911 Center became what’s now known as NORCOM in 2009. I quickly learned how important it was to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with multiple agencies and to really know your resources for all situations. Attending classes, meetings, conferences and networking was essential for having a seamless effective emergency system and is essential for being a well-informed Commissioner of a utility district. I appreciate the amount of time, dedication and effort put forth by our existing CCUD Commissioners to continue to learn about the newest equipment, network with statewide agency personnel, learn about employee issues and solutions and all subjects that would lend itself to the best service for the ratepayers. CCUD Commissioners are dedicated to representing – you- the rate payer!

Over the years, I have worked on volunteer committees and Newcastle Days with 2 of the 3 existing CCUD Commissioners. They have seen my leadership skills first hand and have encouraged me to join them in their efforts to represent the rate payers of the CCUD.  Currently, all of the monies collected by CCUD goes back into CCUD for infrastructure maintenance and improvements. If a water and sewer district becomes part of a City; the monies collected are no longer focused on maintaining the high quality water and sewer services ratepayers deserve; instead, they go into the City’s “general fund” to be disbursed to the Utility and other City departments. We are fortunate to have the diverse and talented leadership and staff at CCUD providing our excellent water and sewer service!!!